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HiWay Media and Italian Tennis Federation sign deal for the new OTT platform

27 Jan, 00:00 • News

A new prestigious deal for the startup based in Milan.

Milan, January 27, 2022 - HiWay Media, an innovative start-up booming in the world of sports entertainment, and FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) announce the agreement for the development of a new streaming platform.

SuperTenniX, initially launched by FIT in 2020, is now subject of an evolution that will allow all fans to enjoy great tennis on the move and on smart TV, with an unparalleled live offer.

The new OTT platform will offer hundreds of live and on-demand events every year, accessible through all devices. Users will be able to choose between a monthly subscription (€ 3.99) and an annual subscription (€ 34.99). The service is free for all FIT members.

HiWay Media is an innovative digital company founded in Milan, with the aim of supporting event organizers and media rights holders in the management of streaming.

The company is the result of a joint venture with NVP SpA, which holds 50% of the shares, and offers cutting-edge solutions to simplify every phase of the video life cycle: from connectivity to on-site productions, passing through transcoding and management. content with our Digital Assets Management, up to the development of OTT platforms and dedicated apps.

Giuseppe Sampino, CEO of HiWay Media:
"We are extremely happy with this partnership with the Italian Tennis Federation; rebuilding SuperTenniX from scratch was a great challenge for us that we accepted with courage and that we are proud to have completed in record time. Our goal is now to continue to innovate together with FIT in the coming years, in order to guarantee all Italian tennis and padel fans a unique and unprecedented experience ".

Marco Martinasso, CEO of Sportcast:
“SuperTenniX is a platform that the Italian Tennis Federation has strongly wanted in order to capitalize its experience in the television field and give it further momentum in the digital world. This, with the aim of reaching an even wider audience and accompanying its users in the evolution of the way in which we all use content today. As well as to increase the passion of members of the federation, for which access will be free. The agreement signed with HiWay Media represents a great step forward in the development of an OTT platform destined to immediately become the richest video offer for tennis, padel and beach tennis in Italy. A new way to experience the world our disciplines always and everywhere ".

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